The Big Five


A solo exhibition by  Ms Jone$


A collection of five limited edition bronze political satire figurines  which portray prominent  Southern African figures of 21st Century. Some inspire,  some should retyre…


Jacob Zuma : What a P… I am.

Robert Mugabe :  One Eye Open

Helen Zille :  Radi Kali

Winnie Mandela : You’re the Tyre (rant)

Desmond Tutu : The Arch – Angel



This collection took over 5 years to complete.  They were carved in wax by the artist and cast at  4G8 Casting, a foundry in Woodstock, Cape Town.  Each piece has its own unique patina and other distinctive markings.   All the pieces in this collection stand on their own two feet,  not the norm for figurines. Supplied with individual bases and or other handmade items that compliment or contain the piece. These display units have been made by master craftsmen and finished by the artist to suit the individual artwork.  No two editions are identical.  Orders for these limited editions take 6-8 weeks to manufacture in order to make each piece to the original quality, detail and design.  Perfection takes a little time…  be patient.


What a p….. I Am

One Eye Open

Radi Kali

Your’e The Tyre (rant)

The ARCH Angel

This collection of figurines has been limited to 10 editions per figurine and all pieces are sold with an authentication certificate from the artist….  We also offer a collection of Limited edition Fine Art Prints,  available through our website,  Facebook page and online gallery.  All prints are signed by the artist (photographed by Antonia Styen Photography) and have an authentfication certificate.  Printed on good quality art paper or photographic paper.  These prints are also available framed to customer specifications.

20% of all sales donated to relevant charity for each figurine.


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